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Between the Clean and Unclean: The Division of Animals within the Manorial Curia [Paper No: 111-b]
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Boundary Lines and Limits in Forest, Fields, and Wastes [Paper No: 111-c]
Breaching the Walls: Violating Rome's Sacred Space [Paper No: 504-a]
Burial Patterns in the North of the Iberian Peninsula: Asturias Region as a Case Study [Paper No: 123-b]
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County Boundaries, an Exercise in Hercology: The Shiring of the Devon / Dumnonian, Dorset / Wessex Border Presented in Aldhelm's Carmen rhythmicum [Paper No: 1326-a]
Daily Life and Archaeological Findings [Paper No: 109-b]
Dvin between the Romans and Sasanians in Late Antiquity [Paper No: 825-c]
Early Medieval History and the Genetic Challenge: The Aims of the HistoGenes Project [Paper No: 501-a]
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From Umayyad Madinat al-Zahra to Almohad Seville: The Plunder and Reuse of Andalusian Capitals [Paper No: 122-c]
From within the Walls: Bordering and Visitor Spaces at Three English Castle Sites [Paper No: 1138-d]
Giotto's Marginalia: The Borders of the Transept and Crossing Frescoes in the Lower Church, Assisi [Paper No: 211-c]
Gutenwerd: A Deserted Medieval Borough in Carniola, on the South-Eastern Border of the Holy Roman Empire [Paper No: 511-b]
Identities and Transition in Medieval Lisbon: The Case of the Rua dos Lagares Necropolis [Paper No: 323-d]
Inferring Large Pedigrees and Mobility Patterns from the Analysis of Early Medieval Genomes [Paper No: 501-b]
Languages in Contact at Hatra: A Textual and Archaeological Perspective [Paper No: 1720-c]
'Leaping into the unknown': Special Deposits and Their Significance in the Later Medieval Elite Residence [Paper No: 611-a]
Leper Squints, Antiquarians, and Modern Perceptions: Defining Borders [Paper No: 211-a]
Liminal Spaces in the World of Medieval Merchants [Paper No: 814-a]
Literary and Spatial Topoi: Distortions of Truth in Relation to Sacred Space [Paper No: 504-b]
Living on the Edge of the Avar Empire: Anthropological Perspectives [Paper No: 601-b]
Living on the Edge of the Avar Empire: Archaeological Perspectives [Paper No: 601-a]
Marshes and Society: The Role of Delta and Lagoon Areas in Defining Northern Italian Frontiers [Paper No: 1321-a]
Metalworking Processes at the Borders: A Common Culture of Iron Technology and Social Change in Francia, 7th-8th Centuries [Paper No: 637-a]
On the Origin of Burgages: New Evidence from Ipswich, 7th-11th Centuries [Paper No: 519-a]
Order and Disorder in the 14th-Century Memorial Chapel at Cogges, Oxfordshire [Paper No: 311-c]
Overgrown Villages: A Stratigraphic Perspective on Deserted Medieval Villages and Their Surrounding Landscapes [Paper No: 1334-c]
Parasites in the Low Countries in the Medieval Period [Paper No: 516-c]
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Regional Differences of Cistercian Abbeys in Wales, Scotland, the Island of Ireland, and England [Paper No: 540-a]
Seeing the Tangible through the Lens of the Intangible: Medieval Romance Literature, Deathscapes, and the Castle [Paper No: 1001-d]
St Michael in the Middle Ages and His Possible Role among the Cistercians [Paper No: 540-c]
Storming the Castle: Medieval Climate Change, Storm Surges, and Coastal Impacts at Caerlaverock [Paper No: 1201-b]
Taking a Look at the Medieval Jewish Quarter in Cologne: Topography, Infrastructure, and Jewish-Christian Inter-Relations [Paper No: 109-a]
Tearing Down Borders between Disciplines in a Digital Age: Archaeological and Anthropological Data in OpenAtlas and Thanados [Paper No: 1334-b]
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The Impact of Geographic Borders on the Development of Urban Centres in Southeast Europe during Late Antiquity [Paper No: 313-b]
The Northern Frontier: Lincolnshire and Yorkshire during the Reign of King Stephen, 1135-1154 [Paper No: 511-a]
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The Role of Kinship in the Formation of Early Medieval Communities [Paper No: 501-c]
The St Mary Cathedrals of Hamburg, Hildesheim, and Paderborn in the Early Middle Ages [Paper No: 1101-a]
To Orient or Not to Orient?: The Statistical Test for Intentionality [Paper No: 540-b]
Tracing Rural Lifeways: Sacred Spaces and Their Environments at the Centre and Periphery of Cretan Villages [Paper No: 1612-a]
Urban Change in Lisbon, 11th-13th Centuries [Paper No: 323-c]
Visualising the Dead: A New Look at Medieval Cemeteries and Their Relations by Means of Digital Tools [Paper No: 1334-a]
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What Came First, the Elm or the Yew?: Fountains Abbey and Its Foundation Narrative [Paper No: 140-a]
Where Are the Christians?: The Problem of Identifying Christian Cemeteries in the Middle March - Toledo as a Case Study [Paper No: 123-a]
Working as Archaeologists: A Didactic Proposal [Paper No: 321-c]