A Look from a Perspective of Time and Distance: Medieval Art and Architecture of the Iberian Peninsula in the Accounts of Polish Travelers, Diplomats, and Pilgrims Written in the Years 1480-1615 [Paper No: 1312-c]
A Metrology of the Medieval Yorkshire Landscape [Paper No: 140-b]
An Ecclesiastical History of Medieval Duklja: A Landscape Defined by Rite [Paper No: 1034-a]
An Even Heardra Nut to Crack: Using the Dictionary of Old English Corpus to Get Big Data for Old English Spelling Variation [Paper No: 606-c]
Baldemar of Petterweil: 'Mapping' Frankfurt, c. 1350 [Paper No: 534-b]
Bounded by the Page: Editing, Adding, and Expanding Late Medieval Financial Records [Paper No: 1211-a]
Ce que la coseigneurie fait à la communauté: présence seigneuriale et structuration des communautés en Provence, XIIIe-XIVe siècle [Paper No: 1336-b]
Courtliness, Honour, and Holiness between the Garonne and Rhône Rivers, 1100-1250 [Paper No: 1536-a]
Criticism of the Hussite Crusades: Pragmatic and Pacifist Approaches [Paper No: 739-b]
Editing the Anglo-Norman Aristocracy: The Challenges of Preparing an Edition of Aristocratic Acta [Paper No: 1701-a]
English Dispute Maps, 16th-Early 17th Centuries [Paper No: 834-c]
French Dispute Maps, 14th-16th Centuries [Paper No: 834-a]
From a Manual for Slow Reading to the Reference Text: A Diachronic Analysis of the Circulation of Breviloquium de virtutibus [Paper No: 506-b]
From Fangshi to Wuxi: Reading Occult Specialists in Yuan Chinese Historiography [Paper No: 630-b]
From Localisation to Chronological and Geographical Prediction [Paper No: 506-c]
From Parchment to Screen: Editing Juridical Medieval and Modern Records in Fribourg, Switzerland [Paper No: 1701-c]
Great Expectations: 10th-Century Priests and the Admonitio Synodalis [Paper No: 126-b]
Mapping a Medieval City: Historische Topographie Nürnberg (Topo N) - A Real Estate Database for the City of Nürnberg [Paper No: 534-a]
Mappings at the High Court of Burgundy: Dispute Maps and the Great Council of Mechelen, 15th-16th Centuries [Paper No: 834-b]
MECZ: A Database of Medieval Czech Sources in Translation [Paper No: 506-a]
Medieval Art in the Eyes of Stock Takers, Historiographers, Travelers, and Artists of the Early Modern Era [Paper No: 1312-a]
Memory, Bourgeois Identity, and Civic Sense: Bonino da Campione's Artworks in Cremona and Their Reuse in the Modern Age [Paper No: 1733-b]
Missals for Parish Churches: The Case of the Late Medieval Diocese of Turku [Paper No: 804-a]
On the Trail of the Digital Tabula Imperii Byzantini: How Changes in the World's Cultural Heritage Become Visible [Paper No: 1234-c]
Ottoman Harem Occult Interests [Paper No: 530-b]
Overview of the Project: The People of 1381 [Paper No: 1341-a]
Peace Talks between the Hungarians (Later Habsburgs) and the Ottomans: Milestones of the Peace Treaties and Borderline Changes since the Middle Ages until the Early 17th Century [Paper No: 1320-c]
Privileging the Urban Charter of Privilege: Ideology and the Anti-Seigneurial Possibilities of Urban History [Paper No: 308-c]
Regard sur la genèse des statuts communaux en Provence méridionale: le cas de Solliès-Pont [Paper No: 1336-c]
Richard II and His Modern Biographers [Paper No: 808-a]
Rules of Enfeoffment: Parish Landholding in Medieval York [Paper No: 1340-b]
Serbians on the Two Sides of the 15th-Century Ottoman-Hungarian Border [Paper No: 1320-a]
Sharing Lordships in Late Medieval Languedoc [Paper No: 1336-a]
Shifting Allegiances and Dynastic Struggles in 16th-Century Hungary [Paper No: 1320-b]
The Extraordinary Library of the Abbey of La Charité-lès-Lézinnes in Burgundy [Paper No: 640-b]
The Irish Pipe Roll of 14 John, 1212: Reconstructing Medieval Administration Through Antiquarian Transcriptions [Paper No: 1701-b]
The Medieval Taste for Antiquity as a Key for Reuse in a Modern Collection: Four Statues of Prophets in the Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence [Paper No: 1733-c]
The Perception of the Middle Ages in the Early Modern Italian Art Literature [Paper No: 1312-b]
The Post-Medieval Life of the Last Judgment Portal Sculptures at Reims Cathedral [Paper No: 1733-a]
The Power of Segmentation: A Spelling Database Created from the Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English [Paper No: 606-b]
The Reception of Carolingian Texts for Priests in 11th-Century Manuscripts [Paper No: 126-c]
The Vita and Visions of Sophia, an Otherwise Unknown Cistercian Nun from 14th-Century Germany [Paper No: 640-a]
Transnational Approaches to Revolts: Deep Structures and Comparators [Paper No: 1241-c]
Under the Floorboards: Fragments from Parish Churches in Norway [Paper No: 804-b]
What Came First, the Elm or the Yew?: Fountains Abbey and Its Foundation Narrative [Paper No: 140-a]
Winchester, 1086: Managing the Work of the Domesday Scribes [Paper No: 1240-c]