Astronomy versus Astrology: Limits of Perception [Paper No: 1515-b]
Behind the Steps of El Cid: A Frontier Tale for High School Students [Paper No: 741-c]
Border Pedagogy in the Middle English Pearl [Paper No: 1019-b]
Borders in Dicuil's De cursu solis lunaeque [Paper No: 1330-b]
Breaking the Limits of Education through the Voyages that Broke the Limits of the Middle Ages [Paper No: 741-b]
Educational Interactions and Moral 'Reform' in the Life of John of Gorze [Paper No: 1131-b]
Establishing Status and Breaking Boundaries?: Education at the Visigothic and Burgundian Courts in Late Antique Gaul [Paper No: 1125-a]
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Growing Vikings: Enculturation, Precocious Youths, and Puppet Princes [Paper No: 237-a]
How to Talk to God: Johann Geiler von Kaysersberg's Sermons on the Lord's Prayer on the Boundary of Catechetical Dialogue, Pious Tutorial, and Homiletic Manual [Paper No: 639-c]
Learning Landscapes Methodology Applied to the Middle Ages [Paper No: 741-a]
Limiting the Emperor's Powers through Knowledge: The Role of Mirrors of Princes at the Byzantine Court during the 6th and 7th Centuries to Guide God's Imperial Deputies [Paper No: 1125-b]
Local Synods, Priests' Exams, and Episcopal Control of Knowledge during the 10th and 11th Centuries [Paper No: 126-a]
Mobility and Higher Education in the Cities of the Holy Roman Empire, 1450-1650 [Paper No: 1131-a]
Novices on Trial: Stories of Dominican Youth in the Vitas Fratrum [Paper No: 137-a]
Paul the Deacon, Alcuin, Theodulf: How Foreign Poets Shaped Charlemagne's Court - and How the Court Shaped Them [Paper No: 1125-c]
Repoblación y despoblación, como fenómeno histórico y actual, entre los ríos Duero y Tajo en la Península Ibérica [Paper No: 321-a]
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The Hand to the Sword Like the Mind to the Word: Learning from Late Medieval Fight Books [Paper No: 1337-c]
The Limits of Grammar: The Body as a Learning Aid in 15th-Century Treatises [Paper No: 1337-a]
The Mystery of 'Mauritius Hispanus' and the Movement of Ideas between Iberia and Paris in the Early 13th Century [Paper No: 636-b]
The Transmission of the Process of Reconquest in Spanish Textbooks [Paper No: 321-b]
Working as Archaeologists: A Didactic Proposal [Paper No: 321-c]
Wrestling with Pedagogy: A Kinaesthetic Perspective on the Education of Princes [Paper No: 237-c]