A Dangerous Metropolis: The Imprisoned Foreign Jews in Wrocław, 1453 [Paper No: 724-b]
Across the Border: Rabbinic Authorities about Casherut and Conversion in a Time of Crisis - The Aftermath of 1391 [Paper No: 724-c]
Adolescence and Social Coercion: Revisiting Jewish Apostasy in Opusculum de sua conversione [Paper No: 137-c]
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Borders and Society: The Late Medieval Jewish Quarter of Lorca Castle (Murcia, Spain) [Paper No: 824-b]
Complicated Lives and Collaborative Research: Mapping the Effects of Conversion to Christianity on Jewish Marriage Practices in Late Medieval Girona [Paper No: 105-d]
Copying Mistakes or Mistaken Copyists: On the Interplay between Text and Diagrams in the Sefer ha-Mar'im [Paper No: 1324-b]
Crossing Barriers: Jews in Late Medieval Warsaw [Paper No: 1615-b]
Daily Life and Archaeological Findings [Paper No: 109-b]
Different Scribal Hands in the Marginal Annotations of the Medieval Hebrew Bible Manuscripts [Paper No: 1124-a]
Equity or Exploitation?: Jews, Muslims, and Urban Defence in the Medieval Crown of Aragon [Paper No: 1635-b]
Ethno-Religious Groups and the Politics of Urban Space in Seville [Paper No: 1635-a]
Expanding Borders through the Cross: Missionary Activities of Orthodox Christian Saints among the Betä Ǝsra'el [Paper No: 524-b]
Family Matters: The Migration of the Asherides from Ashkenaz to Sefarad [Paper No: 824-a]
Franciscan Hebraism and the Wycliffite Bible [Paper No: 839-c]
From Israel to Iceland: The Hebrew Bible and the Typological Structure of Sturlunga Saga [Paper No: 838-a]
Genizah Margins: Reevaluating the Meaning of a Medieval Jewish Textual Art [Paper No: 1324-a]
Hearing and Writing: Hebrew Words in Christian Notarial Practice - Catalonia and Roussillon, 14th Century [Paper No: 1518-c]
Holiday Anxiety: Grisly Imagery in Late Medieval Haggadot [Paper No: 702-b]
Jewish Legal Strategies before Local Courts in Late Medieval Austria [Paper No: 309-a]
Jewish Liturgical Sources from Medieval Cologne [Paper No: 209-b]
Jewish Meat and Christian Wine: Food and Religious Borders in Medieval Catalan Cities [Paper No: 1635-c]
Jewish Provence and Its Neighbours [Paper No: 1536-b]
Maimonides Latinus and Toledo in the Early 13th Century [Paper No: 636-c]
Marginalia and Gender in Hebrew Manuscript Illumination [Paper No: 1324-c]
Medieval Slate Fragments from Cologne's Jewish Quarter: Drawings [Paper No: 109-c]
Medieval Slate Fragments from Cologne's Jewish Quarter: Lists of Names and Texts [Paper No: 209-a]
Nicholas of Lyra's Failed Project?: The Fate of His Treatise for Students On the Differences between Our Translation and the Hebrew Letter [Paper No: 839-a]
Public Faith in Private Homes: Jewish Creditors, Christian Notaries, and Rural Debtors in the Medieval Dauphiné [Paper No: 309-b]
Reading Others' Holy Books beyond the Qur'an / Bible: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Study and Use of Extra-Scriptural Writings of the Religious Other in Medieval Egypt [Paper No: 1226-a]
Reconstructing Jewish Life in Cologne from Hebrew Sources [Paper No: 209-c]
Representations of the History of Betä Ǝsra'el in the Royal Chronicle of King Śarḍa Dǝngǝl (r. 1563-1597): A Historical Commentary [Paper No: 524-c]
Safety behind Borders?: The Role of Territorial Boundaries in the Persecution of Jews in Late Medieval Austria [Paper No: 724-a]
Sephardic Poetry Crossing Borders in the Medieval Mediterranean [Paper No: 1226-c]
Sexual Purity versus Ritual Purity in Medieval Egypt: The View from the Cairo Geniza [Paper No: 1724-a]
Shaping Identity, Forging Belonging in Late Medieval Europe: Jews and Christians in Franciscan Thought [Paper No: 622-a]
Susanna and the Elders: A Case of Liminal Canonicity [Paper No: 624-c]
Taking a Look at the Medieval Jewish Quarter in Cologne: Topography, Infrastructure, and Jewish-Christian Inter-Relations [Paper No: 109-a]
The Belonging and the Exclusion of Jews in the Biblical Hermeneutics of Maximus the Confessor [Paper No: 624-b]
The Body of Christ as a Sacrifice to Pagan Gods?: Mattathias Killing of a Jew in a Dutch Bible Historiale of the 15th Century [Paper No: 301-a]
The Borders of the Holy Land as Represented on a Medieval Hebrew Map [Paper No: 734-b]
The Boundaries of Foreignness: Jews, Lombards, and Bourgeois in 14th-Century Paris [Paper No: 309-c]
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The Dark Mark: Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, Hébreu 20 and the Borders of Bible Illumination [Paper No: 1124-b]
The Language(s) of Debt in Medieval England [Paper No: 1226-b]
The New Christians of Puglia in 15th-Century Venice: Considerations on a Particular Group of Migrants [Paper No: 326-b]
Vernacular Translation in the Margins [Paper No: 1124-c]