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Belts: An Object of Power in Albanian Culture [Paper No: 1103-b]
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Borders in 7th- and 8th-Century Italy [Paper No: 1221-c]
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Canon Law in the Digital Age: Identifying Quotations, Transmission, and Intertextual Relations [Paper No: 305-a]
Castilian Border Treaties: Demarcation Processes in Comparison [Paper No: 1114-a]
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Classifying Criminals: Public Power, Judicial Ritual, and Policing Gender in Late Medieval Flanders [Paper No: 1332-a]
Conflicts in Jurisdictional Boundaries: Fishermen and Merchants on the Guadalete River and the Bay of Cádiz (Andalusia) [Paper No: 730-a]
Continuity and Change: The Diplomacy of Sales in Rural Areas between Asturias and Galicia [Paper No: 136-b]
Conversion and Apostasy in the Visigothic Kingdom [Paper No: 1335-a]
Courtroom Politics: How to De-Platform a Martyr [Paper No: 1613-c]
Creating Communities of Practice: A Case Study on Text Reuse of Matthew Paris' Chronica in English Legal Discourse [Paper No: 205-a]
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Crown and Uṙ: The Wedding Ceremony in 5th-Century Armenia [Paper No: 625-a]
Damnatio memoriae in Early Medieval Canon Law Collections [Paper No: 1143-a]
Database Design and Early Findings [Paper No: 1341-b]
Divide and Conquer: The Legal Implications of Shared Munāṣafāt Lands between the Early Mamluks and Levantine Crusader States, 1250-1290 [Paper No: 1023-b]
Drawing a (Legal) Line?: Papal and Episcopal Jurisdiction in the Later 12th Century [Paper No: 535-a]
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Equity or Exploitation?: Jews, Muslims, and Urban Defence in the Medieval Crown of Aragon [Paper No: 1635-b]
Ethno-Religious Groups and the Politics of Urban Space in Seville [Paper No: 1635-a]
Exile and Excommunication between the Power of Caliphal Governments and Non-State Shi'i Authorities [Paper No: 505-b]
Exiles, Amnesty, and Peace-Making in Byzantine Treaties, 900-1200 [Paper No: 605-c]
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From Parchment to Screen: Editing Juridical Medieval and Modern Records in Fribourg, Switzerland [Paper No: 1701-c]
Henry VI's Minority: 15th-Century Manifestations of 14th-Century Precedents [Paper No: 1104-c]
'Holding the wolf by its ears': Challenging the Authority of the Army in Late Antiquity [Paper No: 1009-c]
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Imperial and Ecclesiastical Letters around the Council of Chalcedon, 451: The Power Perspective [Paper No: 219-b]
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Indictments and Trials as Sources for Homicides [Paper No: 808-b]
Information, Belief, and Meaning-Making: Psychological Perspectives on Evidence for Belief Formation in Languedocian Inquisition Records [Paper No: 1540-a]
Institutional Syncretism and Institutional Reformulation in the Middle Ages: The Case of the Byzantine Megadux [Paper No: 513-b]
Jewish Legal Strategies before Local Courts in Late Medieval Austria [Paper No: 309-a]
Jewish Provence and Its Neighbours [Paper No: 1536-b]
Judicial Appeal and the Negotiation of Political Boundaries in Aquitaine [Paper No: 1016-b]
Law and Liturgy after the Investiture Contest: Episcopal Responsibilities in Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Clm 3909 [Paper No: 204-b]
Law and Politics in 12th-Century Public Discourse: Two Separate Fields? [Paper No: 535-c]
Lessons Learnt from Exploring Cyfraith Hywel through a Digital Lens [Paper No: 1716-c]
Lollard Activism in Mid 15th-Century England [Paper No: 739-a]
Long-Term Conflicts in the Late Middle Ages: A Methodological Approach to an Overlooked Perspective [Paper No: 242-a]
Maritime Security around the Insular Kingdom of Sicily after the Sicilian Vespers [Paper No: 134-c]
Mobility and Higher Education in the Cities of the Holy Roman Empire, 1450-1650 [Paper No: 1131-a]
Murder in Fleet Street: The Death of John Louther, Knight of the Shire for Westmorland in the Parliament of January 1380 [Paper No: 808-c]
Negotiating the Border between Self and Other in Ibn Hazm's Approach to Heresy: Islamic Law's Turn to the Arts [Paper No: 1216-a]
Off the Beaten Track: Spaces, Boundaries and Places in the Edictum Rothari [Paper No: 1021-b]
Outlawry and Exile in Medieval Norway and Iceland: Historical and Sociological Frameworks [Paper No: 505-c]
Outside the Household, inside the Town: Between Canon and Secular Law in Norwegian and Danish Towns, 1200-1350 [Paper No: 635-c]
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Points of Law: Pricking in Statuta Angliae Manuscripts [Paper No: 803-a]
Punishing Wrongdoing and the Border of the Danelaw [Paper No: 815-c]
Regard sur la genèse des statuts communaux en Provence méridionale: le cas de Solliès-Pont [Paper No: 1336-c]
Resistance, Coercion, and the State: Searching for Unfree and Free Responses to Power in Medieval England, 900-1100 [Paper No: 837-b]
Resolving a Boundary Conflict: Law, Social Practice, and Ethnic Difference [Paper No: 1727-b]
Rule as Permanent Conflict?: Albert V (II) as Margrave of Moravia and King of Bohemia [Paper No: 342-a]
Sacred but Secular: Home and the Peace in Medieval Sweden, c. 1200-1350 [Paper No: 1229-b]
Sale Charters in Córdoba: Before and after the Siete Partidas [Paper No: 136-c]
'Seeing it marches so nigh his ancient enemies of Scotland': Rebellions, Castles, and Sieges in the Anglo-Scottish Marches, 1461-1464 [Paper No: 1721-b]
Shame and Conjugal Masculinity in Impotence Trials in York, 1350-1450 [Paper No: 1117-a]
Smuggling and the State in the Northeast in the Mid-14th Century [Paper No: 1521-b]
Sorcery Trials against the Arctic Sami: Cross-Border Legal Conflicts in the Nordic Late Middle Ages [Paper No: 235-c]
St Sylvester of Nonantola and the Fluvial System of the Eastern Po Valley [Paper No: 1321-c]
Staging Authority in the Late Medieval Northern Adriatic: Venice, Istria, and the Patriarchate of Aquileia [Paper No: 1003-a]
Staying Carolingian, Becoming Feudal?: Norms in High Medieval Charters from Mâcon and Freising [Paper No: 731-a]
Strangers in Strange Lands: Exile and Expulsion within and without the Post-Roman Regna [Paper No: 505-a]
Symphony between Sacerdotium and Imperium: Reality or Propaganda? - The 'Three-Chapters Controversy' as a Test Case [Paper No: 219-c]
Territorial and Legal Boundaries of Jurisdiction: The Case of Apostolic Legates [Paper No: 324-d]
Territorialising the Fiscal: Using Tolls to Enforce Political Borders in 13th-Century France [Paper No: 315-b]
The Authority of the Lords in Bohemia: Advising the Ruler as a Lifestyle in Dalimill's Chronicle, c. 1310 [Paper No: 1003-b]
The Borders of Official Religion: Conformity and Officeholding in Theodosian Legislation [Paper No: 1513-a]
The Changing Boundaries of Sanctuary from Hubert Walter to Henry VIII [Paper No: 324-c]
The Compilation of Vernacular Laws in High and Late Medieval Iceland [Paper No: 738-a]
The End of Carolingian History: Rodulfus Glaber, Charles the Simple, and the Flagellationes of the Orbis Romanus [Paper No: 731-c]
The Formulary of Sales from a Papal Notary in 13th-Century Castile [Paper No: 136-a]
The Good Guys and the Bad Guys?: Banditry in Albania Veneta in the 15th Century [Paper No: 1728-c]
The Inquisitorial Punishment of Belief: A Statistical Analysis of the Effects of Social and Theological Beliefs in Peter Seila's Register of Sentences, 1241-42 [Paper No: 1640-a]
The Intellectual Landscape and Legal Network in Late Medieval Irish 'Digests' [Paper No: 1716-b]
The Jurisdiction of Portuguese Medieval Queens: The Queen's House (Casa das Rainhas) or the Construction of the Boundaries between Male and Female Royal Power [Paper No: 517-c]
The Language(s) of Debt in Medieval England [Paper No: 1226-b]
The Place of the Domesday Inquest in the History of English Law [Paper No: 608-c]
The Sheriff and the Business of the County Courts in the Early 13th Century [Paper No: 224-a]
The Treaty of Alcañices: The Delimitation of the Borders between the Peninsular Kingdoms from a Historical-Legal Perspective [Paper No: 124-a]
Thinking about Legal Community in Early Medieval England [Paper No: 535-b]
To Be 'lele and trewe': Swearing Allegiance to English and Scottish Kings in the Late Medieval Period [Paper No: 1621-b]
Trial by Combat in the Crown of Aragon in the 12th-13th Centuries [Paper No: 542-a]
'When is a pig not a pig? When it's a pig': Rethinking Animal Categorisation in Medieval Iceland and Scandinavia [Paper No: 1705-c]
Whose Muslims? Whose Town?: Religious Minorities and Competing Jurisdictions in Tortosa, 1148-1276 [Paper No: 635-a]
'Wiping the slate clean': Amnesty, Exile, and International Law, 700-1200 [Paper No: 605-a]
Witchcraft Accusations in Early Medieval Decrees: The Reputation of a Woman between Religious Offence and Family Concern [Paper No: 1534-a]
Women According to the Lombard Laws [Paper No: 817-a]
Women in the Lex Burgundionum [Paper No: 1106-b]