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Animals Used by the Mongols during Their Invasion of Hungary, 1241-1242 [Paper No: 1217-b]
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B(e)aring a Blade: Bearing Swords in the High and Late Middle Ages [Paper No: 642-a]
Becoming a Hero: Wolter von Plettenberg, the Master the Teutonic Order's Livonian Branch (1494-1535), and the Construction of His Fame [Paper No: 338-b]
Belisarius on the Persian Front: A Peaceful General? [Paper No: 525-a]
Between the Sword and the Guadiana: The Battle of Valverde [Paper No: 1327-c]
Borders and Defence of the Regnum Italiae: The Case of the Comitatus Leuci [Paper No: 1321-b]
Borders in Transition, Warfare, and Cultural Exchange: The Case of Florios and Platziaflora [Paper No: 142-c]
Cannibalism as Spectacle in the Chanson d'Antioche [Paper No: 138-b]
Castile against Granada: 15th-Century Frontier Warfare Tactics [Paper No: 1735-c]
'Choosing the lion over the fleurs-de-lis': Contesting Valois Authority at the End of the Hundred Years War, c. 1435 - c. 1453 [Paper No: 1016-a]
Citizens beyond Frontiers: Being Abroad in Wartime - Some Florentine and Sienese Cases [Paper No: 1303-c]
Conflict, Disruption, and Violence: Women Religious on the Frontiers [Paper No: 1329-b]
Conflicts of Loyalty in 11th- and 12th-Century Britain [Paper No: 805-a]
Defending Byzantium's Southern Border: Selecting Cretan and Sicilian Campaigns' Commanders in the 9th and 10th Centuries [Paper No: 142-a]
Defending the West Border: A Challenge for Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos, 1081-1118 [Paper No: 1727-a]
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Diplomacy and Diversity in the Middle East around the Time of the First Crusade [Paper No: 723-a]
Dynastic Conflicts: Civil Wars or Constant Struggles? [Paper No: 327-c]
Edward III's Recovery of Authority Revisited, 1340-1346 [Paper No: 1642-b]
Feud, Justice, and Invasion in Late Medieval Scotland [Paper No: 1721-c]
Fighting on the Border: The 1445 Danube Campaign [Paper No: 723-c]
'Fractione et prostratione ad terram'?: Caerlaverock and the Remaking of 14th-Century Scotland [Paper No: 1201-c]
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From Classis Britannica to Saxon Shore: Naval Forces in Later Roman Britain, 3rd-5th Centuries [Paper No: 213-a]
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Frontier Castles and Their Governors in the Kingdom of Navarre in the 13th Century [Paper No: 536-a]
Frontier Fortresses in Northern Syria [Paper No: 1023-c]
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Grotesques, Demons, and Undead: Depictions of Non-Human Soldiers in the 16th Century [Paper No: 642-b]
Guarding the Borders of the Florentine State: Elite Lineages and the Offices of Castellan and Vicar in 14th-Century Tuscany [Paper No: 1627-b]
Historical Memory in Conflict: Prussia in the 15th Century [Paper No: 114-b]
'Holding the wolf by its ears': Challenging the Authority of the Army in Late Antiquity [Paper No: 1009-c]
Hungry Borders: Escalating Conflict on the Carolingian Frontier [Paper No: 1627-a]
'I leave behind my virtue': Death and Remembrance in Castilian Border Wars [Paper No: 1327-b]
In the Service of Rome?: Mobility and Ethnic Interpretation of the Shield Bosses with a Star-Shaped Flange and Faceted / Fluted Bowls along the Roman Danube Frontier [Paper No: 1325-c]
Institutional Syncretism and Institutional Reformulation in the Middle Ages: The Case of the Byzantine Megadux [Paper No: 513-b]
Johann von Uexküll: From Medieval Nobleman to Estonian Anti-Hero [Paper No: 338-a]
Life on the Edge: A Very Small Selection of Research Highlights [Paper No: 1201-a]
Making the City of Blades: Solingen Blade Manufacturing from the 13th to the 16th Century [Paper No: 742-a]
Mapping Mudéjar: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Architecture in Iberia [Paper No: 1101-b]
Materiality and Immateriality of the Carolingian Frontier Zones: Fortresses, Diplomacy, and the Practices of Power [Paper No: 1512-a]
Mike Clover and the Frontiers, Borders, and Boundaries of Vandal Africa [Paper No: 1625-b]
'Mother of mercy, is this the end of Reynald?': Bordering on the Extreme in the Portrayal of Crusaders [Paper No: 138-a]
Negotiating and Authoring the Boundaries of Episcopal Military Power: The Examples of the Siege of Bouillon (1141) and the Battle of Andenne (1153) in the Diocese of Liège [Paper No: 1315-a]
Obscure Campaigns to Jerusalem in the 11th and 12th Centuries [Paper No: 723-b]
Of Knyghthode and Bataile and the Origin and Diffusion of English Gunpowder Artillery [Paper No: 542-c]
One of Us?: Human and Non-Human Categories of Belonging and Exclusion in the Chronicles and Chansons of the First Crusade [Paper No: 138-c]
Per lancia rotta bonissima: Investigating Scoring and Targets in 15th-Century Italian Jousts [Paper No: 842-b]
Pictorial Glosses: The Fight Books of Paulus Kal and Hans Talhofer in Context [Paper No: 742-b]
Political Ritual and Collective Identity When Campaigning Abroad: 12th-Century Italian Communities [Paper No: 515-c]
Princess Pipa of the Marcomanni: An Early Political Marriage between Rome and the Barbaricum and Its Projection [Paper No: 221-b]
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Religious Ideas of Knighthood in the Salian and Staufen Empires [Paper No: 841-a]
Remembrance of the Crusade of King Valdemar II to Estonia (1219) in Medieval Denmark and Livonia [Paper No: 338-c]
Rivalry Halted: Enemies Turned Allies? - The Impact of Bahram Chobin's Revolt on Roman-Sasanian Relations [Paper No: 525-b]
Rome-Sasanian Rivalry, Roman Garrisons, and the South Caucasus Policy of Rome in Late Antiquity [Paper No: 1314-a]
'Seeing it marches so nigh his ancient enemies of Scotland': Rebellions, Castles, and Sieges in the Anglo-Scottish Marches, 1461-1464 [Paper No: 1721-b]
Serbians on the Two Sides of the 15th-Century Ottoman-Hungarian Border [Paper No: 1320-a]
Slaying His Boar: Nicomedia and the Construction of Tetrarchic Legitimacy [Paper No: 1009-a]
Some Remarks on the Herule Pirate Attack of the Year 456 in the Vardulliarum loca maritima [Paper No: 213-c]
Staging War and Victory: The Battle-Tournament of Amboise, 1518 [Paper No: 842-c]
Sustaining Staufen Armies from Central Europe to Western Asia [Paper No: 1220-c]
Temporary Loyalty?: Crusading Co-Operation in the Conquest of Lisbon, 1147 [Paper No: 805-b]
The Battle of Dun Nechtain (685) and the Post-War Crisis of Masculinity [Paper No: 1208-b]
The Border Soldiers of Asia Minor in the Laskarid and Early Palaiologan Era [Paper No: 713-b]
The Boundaries of Colonial Governance: King and Aristocracy in 13th-Century Ireland [Paper No: 1116-b]
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The Disputed Border between Bulgaria and the Latin Empire of Constantinople [Paper No: 727-c]
The Economic Impact of Border Warfare on the Scottish Marches under Edward II [Paper No: 1627-c]
The Eternal Triangle: England, France, and Scotland at Bauge, 22 March 1421 [Paper No: 1721-a]
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The Hand to the Sword Like the Mind to the Word: Learning from Late Medieval Fight Books [Paper No: 1337-c]
The Hobelar: Form and Function [Paper No: 1706-c]
The Lazcanos: Promotion Chances for Basque Noble Families on the Navarrese Frontier [Paper No: 536-b]
The Limits of Empire, or: Why Did the Parthian and Sasanian Kings Not Try to Conquer Roman Syria before Khosrow II? [Paper No: 1625-a]
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The Murder of Charles the Good and the Production of War [Paper No: 1220-a]
The Northern Frontier: Lincolnshire and Yorkshire during the Reign of King Stephen, 1135-1154 [Paper No: 511-a]
The Rimland as an Environment for the Origin and Formation of Religious and Confessional Movements on the Example of the Euphrates Zone [Paper No: 1025-c]
'This is the best knight who has ever been': Comparing Depictions of Early Tournaments in the History of William Marshal and Gautier de Tournay's History of Gilles le Chin [Paper No: 842-a]
Transcultural Warfare in 11th-Century Anatolia [Paper No: 142-b]
Trial by Combat in the Crown of Aragon in the 12th-13th Centuries [Paper No: 542-a]
Two Northumbrian Veterans: Sir Thomas Gray and John Hardyng and Their View of the Scots [Paper No: 1621-c]
War of Conquest, Military Leadership, and Chronistic Narration: From the Border of Granada to America, 14th-16th Centuries [Paper No: 830-b]
Warrior Graves in Border Zones: an Archaeological Glance at the Lower Danube [Paper No: 1325-b]
Were There Strategic Considerations in the 7th-Century Arabian Conquests? [Paper No: 1323-c]
When Is a Sword Not a Sword?: Spada-Azzas of the 15th-16th Centuries [Paper No: 742-c]
Wild, Wild East: Italy's Frontiers in Central Europe between the 8th-9th Centuries [Paper No: 325-b]