TitleMedieval Sacred Spaces, I: Theories
Date/TimeWednesday 6 July 2022: 14.15-15.45
OrganiserGustav Zamore, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge
Moderator/ChairGustav Zamore, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge
Paper 1229-a Sacred Space in Medieval Theory and Practice: The English Episcopal Registers
(Language: English)
Gustav Zamore, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge
Index Terms: Ecclesiastical History; Liturgy; Mentalities
Paper 1229-b Sacred but Secular: Home and the Peace in Medieval Sweden, c. 1200-1350
(Language: English)
Fraser Miller, Historiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet
Index Terms: Law; Social History
AbstractThis session, part one of two, explores new ways of understanding medieval sacred spaces, widely understood, and the borders they created. The papers individually examine what medieval episcopal registers can tell about medieval theories and practices of sacred space, sacred spaces as a method of medieval pedagogy, and the influence of the Peace and Truce of God on Scandinavian spatial practices. The session overall explores new ways to understand medieval sacred spaces and challenges common conceptions by considering them as experiential, political and places that could build - or divide - communities.