TitleMaking People: Animals and the Luxurious Life
Date/TimeThursday 7 July 2022: 09.00-10.30
SponsorM(edieval) A(nimal) D(ata-Network), Central European University, Budapest/Wien
OrganiserAlice Choyke, Independent Scholar, Budapest
Moderator/ChairAlice Choyke, Independent Scholar, Budapest
Paper 1506-a Gilli the Rus' and His 'Gerskann Hatt': The Luxury Trade in Fur and Slaves in the Medieval North
(Language: English)
Sarah Christensen, Department of History, Brown University
Index Terms: Economics - Trade; Social History
Paper 1506-b The Elephant and the Chicken: Exoticism and Domesticity in Late Medieval Italian Medicine
(Language: English)
Li Parrent, Department of History & Classical Studies, McGill University
Index Terms: Art History - General; Medicine
Paper 1506-c Vilifying the Dairymaid: Class Politics and the Sliding Scales of Agricultural Luxury in Walter of Henley's Anglo-Norman Le Dite de Hosebondrie
(Language: English)
Jacob Abell, Department of Modern Languages & Cultures, Baylor University, Texas
Index Terms: Economics - Rural; Language and Literature - French or Occitan; Social History
AbstractWhat makes an animal luxurious, what properties were exploited by people to represent themselves in society. Were there gendered aspects to the use of luxury animals. What role did the exotic play in whether and why animals or animal products were considered luxurious? How did the 'luxury' statuses of different animals change across Europe and throughout the Middle Ages?