TitleMilitary Borders of Castile: Granada and Portugal
Date/TimeWednesday 6 July 2022: 16.30-18.00
SponsorDe Re Militari: Society for Medieval Military History
OrganiserIlana Krug, Department of History & Political Science, York College of Pennsylvania
Moderator/ChairIlana Krug, Department of History & Political Science, York College of Pennsylvania
Paper 1327-a The Medieval Castilian-Islamic Southern Border: Military, Institutional, and Social Aspects of the Long-Lasting Christian-Muslim Frontier
(Language: English)
Nicolás Agrait, Department of Social Sciences, Long Island University, Brooklyn
Index Terms: Administration; Military History
Paper 1327-b 'I leave behind my virtue': Death and Remembrance in Castilian Border Wars
(Language: English)
Samuel A. Claussen, Department of History, California Lutheran University
Index Terms: Mentalities; Military History
Paper 1327-c Between the Sword and the Guadiana: The Battle of Valverde
(Language: English)
João Pereira, Faculdade de Letras, Universidade do Porto
Index Terms: Military History; Politics and Diplomacy
AbstractThis session focuses on the unique military experiences of the Iberian kingdom of Castile in the high and late Middle Ages, highlighting the ways in which the contested and shifting borders of the kingdom contributed to its cultural and political realities. The three papers examine in greater detail Castile's borders with both its Christian rival Portugal and the Muslim kingdom of Granada, investigating respectively the role of militias in urban settlements along the frontiers; the importance of chivalric ideals in the Castilian campaigns against Muslims in Granada and elsewhere; and the importance of the battle of Valverde that halted the Castilian ambitions in Portugal.