TitleMateriality of Manuscripts, III: The Codex
Date/TimeTuesday 5 July 2022: 14.15-15.45
OrganiserKatarzyna Anna Kapitan, Linacre College, University of Oxford
N. Kıvılcım Yavuz, Institute for Medieval Studies / School of History, University of Leeds
Moderator/ChairMatthew L. Holford, Bodleian Library, University of Oxford
Paper 703-a New Leaves for Old Lacunae: Patching the Histories of Gregory of Tours
(Language: English)
Alessandro Gnasso, Institut for Nordiske Studier og Sprogvidenskab, Københavns Universitet
Index Terms: Bibliography; Historiography - Medieval; Language and Literature - Latin; Manuscripts and Palaeography
Paper 703-b Between Text Boundaries and Quire Boundaries: Production of Old Norse Literature in the Early Modern Period
(Language: English)
Katarzyna Anna Kapitan, Linacre College, University of Oxford
Index Terms: Bibliography; Language and Literature - Scandinavian; Manuscripts and Palaeography
Paper 703-c Modelling the Historical Manuscript: Theory and Practice
(Language: English)
Dot Porter, Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies, University of Pennsylvania
Index Terms: Bibliography; Computing in Medieval Studies; Manuscripts and Palaeography; Technology
AbstractThe third of the sessions on the materiality of manuscripts places the codex at the centre of the discussion. Examining a group of manuscripts of the Histories of Gregory of Tours, Gnasso analyses textual transmission and copying of manuscripts in light of codicological evidence. Kapitan discusses the practical challenges associated with the reconstruction of early modern paper codices and their implications for research into early modern dissemination and reception of medieval Old Norse literature. Considering the historical changes in the materiality of manuscripts over time, Porter focuses on the theory and practice of modelling the physical construction of codices in a digital space.