TitleCultural Memory, III: Inclusion and Exclusion, (ii)
Date/TimeTuesday 10 July 2012: 16.30-18.00
SponsorHERA Project 'Cultural Memory & the Resources of the Past' (CMRP)
OrganiserClemens Gantner, Institut für Österreichische Geschichtsforschung, Universität Wien
Moderator/ChairWalter Pohl, Institut für Mittelalterforschung, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien
Paper 809-a Methods of Inclusion and Exclusion in Adam of Bremen's History of the Archbishops of Hamburg-Bremen
(Language: English)
Tim Barnwell, Kısmet Press, Leeds / School of History, University of Leeds
Index Terms: Historiography - Medieval; Mentalities; Political Thought
Paper 809-b The Popes and Their Frankish Others in the 8th Century
(Language: English)
Clemens Gantner, Institut für Österreichische Geschichtsforschung, Universität Wien
Index Terms: Ecclesiastical History; Historiography - Modern Scholarship; Political Thought; Politics and Diplomacy
Paper 809-c The Temptations of a Foreign Past: The Early Medieval West and 'Alterity'
(Language: English)
Mayke de Jong, Utrecht Centre for Medieval Studies, Universiteit Utrecht
Index Terms: Medievalism and Antiquarianism; Mentalities; Political Thought; Social History
Abstract'Cultural Memory and the Resources of the Past, 400-1000 AD' (CMRP) is the title of a joint research project by the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Universities of Utrecht, Cambridge and Leeds. It is funded by Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA), a project led by the European Science Foundation (ESF). The project combines two elements: on the one hand, the careful analysis of the transmission of texts and manuscripts; on the other, the problem of identity formation, including perceptions of difference on the part of specific social, political and religious communities. This second year of the project focusses in particular on perceptions of difference and how this is reflected in use of the resources of the past. There are also two related sessions, which are the fruit of several current HERA projects. The third CMRP session deals with Alterity again. The first two papers present cases of speakers who were in constant and very close contact with Others, while Mayke de Jong addresses general problems inherent in the concept of Alterity.