TitleThe Use and Abuse of the Middle Ages in the Modern World, III: Imagination and Representation
Date/TimeTuesday 7 July 2015: 14.15-15.45
SponsorCARMEN: Worldwide Medieval Network
OrganiserKarl Christian Alvestad, Institutt for kultur, religion og samfunnsfag, Fakultet for humaniora, idretts- og utdanningsvitskap, Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge, Notodden
Katherine Weikert, Department of History, University of Winchester
Moderator/ChairPatricia E. Skinner, Centre for Medieval & Early Modern Research (MEMO), Swansea University
Paper 741-a Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: The Use of Braveheart in Scottish Politics
(Language: English)
April Harper, Department of History, State University of New York, Oneonta
Index Terms: Medievalism and Antiquarianism; Political Thought; Politics and Diplomacy; Social History
Paper 741-b Don't Give a Damn about My Bad Reputation: Feminism, Fiction, and the Empress Matilda
(Language: English)
Katherine Weikert, Department of History, University of Winchester
Index Terms: Gender Studies; Historiography - Modern Scholarship; Medievalism and Antiquarianism; Political Thought
Paper 741-c Medievalism, Fiction, and Politics from G. K. Chesterton to the Inklings (and beyond)
(Language: English)
Robert F. W. Smith, Independent Scholar, Norfolk
Index Terms: Language and Literature - Other; Medievalism and Antiquarianism; Political Thought
AbstractThis session, the third of four considering the use or abuse of the Middle Ages in the modern world, examines fictions of and about the medieval world and their reinterpretation and representation in modern society. Papers will consider the political use of medievalized fictions, politics and political groups and romantic views of the past, and social movements of the modern world appropriating fictionalized heroes from the medieval past. This session will ultimately explore how the medieval in popular culture is represented in fictionalized forms to be moulded to modern political or social needs.