TitleThe Auld Other: England and Scotland at Peace and War in the Late Middle Ages, II
Date/TimeThursday 6 July 2017: 11.15-12.45
OrganiserSean Cunningham, The National Archives, Kew
Andy King, Department of History, University of Southampton
Moderator/ChairGordon McKelvie, Department of History, University of Winchester
Paper 1611-a Worthy Opponents or Treacherous Rebels?: Identity and the Ethics of War in English Chronicles, c. 1327-1360
(Language: English)
Trevor Russell Smith, Leeds Arts & Humanities Research Institute (LAHRI), University of Leeds
Index Terms: Historiography - Medieval; Military History; Political Thought
Paper 1611-b Fifty Shades of Grey: Domination and Submission in Scotland, 1296-1328
(Language: English)
Alexander Grant, Department of History, Lancaster University
Index Terms: Administration; Military History; Politics and Diplomacy
Paper 1611-c Fictive Truces and Debatable Lands: New Approaches to Anglo-Scottish Diplomacy in the Later Middle Ages
(Language: English)
Alastair Macdonald, School of Divinity, History & Philosophy, University of Aberdeen
Index Terms: Historiography - Modern Scholarship; Military History; Politics and Diplomacy
AbstractEngland and Scotland remained formally at war throughout the later Middle Ages (save for two very short-lived peace treaties). This strand of three sessions will examine various aspects of Anglo-Scottish relations in this period, discussing how interactions between Englishmen and Scots, and their perceptions of each other, were shaped by intermittent but persistent hostilities. This session will focus on the nature of English perceptions of the Scots as opponents in war; on the huge complexity of the Scots' reactions to English invasions; and a discussion of the nature of Anglo-Scottish diplomacy more generally.