TitleThe Otherness of Women, II: Reassessing Royal Women in Medieval Society
Date/TimeMonday 3 July 2017: 16.30-18.00
OrganiserCharlotte Pickard, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Open University / 'Exploring the Past Pathway', Cardiff University
Moderator/ChairLouise J. Wilkinson, School of History & Heritage, University of Lincoln
Paper 320-a Personal and Feminine?: Religious Patronage by Royal Women in Iberia, 1000-1200
(Language: English)
Lorena Fierro, Department of History, University of Exeter
Index Terms: Gender Studies; Lay Piety; Women's Studies
Paper 320-b The Queen as Other: The Purification Ceremonies of Eleanor of Provence
(Language: English)
Abby Armstrong, Sonderforschungsbereich 933 'Materiale Textkulturen', Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
Index Terms: Gender Studies; Liturgy; Women's Studies
Paper 320-c The Queen in the Shadows: Sanchia of Provence, Richard of Cornwall, and a Royal Life Unveiled
(Language: English)
Adrian Jobson, School of History, University of East Anglia
Index Terms: Gender Studies; Politics and Diplomacy; Women's Studies
AbstractRecent scholarship has sought to dispel the myth that women were powerless, subject to the will of their male relatives. And yet, women have traditionally been treated as 'the other' in medieval society, separate from their male counterparts. These sessions will reflect on the 'otherness' of noble and royal women, questioning the way in which we approach the study of women and considering whether they shared more in common with their male peers, than women from other social classes. Speakers will be using case studies drawn from their own research to address this subject. This second session will focus on royal women from across Europe.