TitleCreating the 'Other' in Late Medieval Economies: Concurrence and Cooperation in European Trade and Credit Systems and Networks
Date/TimeThursday 6 July 2017: 09.00-10.30
OrganiserTanja Skambraks, Historisches Institut, Universität Mannheim
Moderator/ChairSilke Schwandt, Fakultät für Geschichtswissenschaft, Philosophie und Theologie, Universität Bielefeld
Paper 1517-a The Privileged, the Associates, and the Others: Trading Privileges of Southern France Cities in the 13th Century
(Language: English)
Stephan Nicolussi-Köhler, Institut für Geschichtswissenschaften und Europäische Ethnologie, Universität Innsbruck
Index Terms: Economics - General; Economics - Trade; Economics - Urban
Paper 1517-b Contesting the 'bonum commune': Cross-Cultural Economies and the Creation of National Identities
(Language: English)
Hiram Kümper, Historisches Institut, Universität Mannheim
Index Terms: Economics - General; Mentalities; Social History
AbstractThe session proposes new perspectives on the creation of the 'other' in late medieval economy. By presenting research results from three different economic spheres, namely trade and commerce, credit, as well as business ethics in Southern France, Italy, and the Empire, the papers will deal with the shaping of identities and 'otherness' regarding different religious and social groups and group conflicts from the 13th to the 16th century.