Title13th-Century England: Outsiders in England - Welsh and Jewish Experiences of Othering in the 13th Century
Date/TimeMonday 3 July 2017: 16.30-18.00
OrganiserRodolphe Billaud, Independent Scholar, Tonbridge
Moderator/ChairCharles Insley, Centre for Medieval & Early Modern Studies / Department of History, University of Manchester
Paper 316-a The 13th-Century Legacy of Bishop Hervé Le Breton: Being 'Othered' in St Asaphs
(Language: English)
Melissa Julian-Jones, School of History, Archaeology & Religion, Cardiff University
Index Terms: Daily Life; Ecclesiastical History; Religious Life
Paper 316-b 'Otherness' on the Border: The Welsh in the County of Chester, 1200-1272
(Language: English)
Rodolphe Billaud, Independent Scholar, Tonbridge
Index Terms: Economics - General; Geography and Settlement Studies; Mentalities; Social History
AbstractOur session proposes to explore the theme of 'otherness' through the analysis of various groups of people in different parts of the English realm during the 13th century. Melissa Julian Jones will examine the relationship the bishops of St Asaph maintained with the local population in the marches and with the Marcher lords. Rod Billaud will analyse the contacts that existed between the Welsh and the English in the county of Chester, and will assess the Welsh influence over the county. Finally, Sally Dixon-Smith will examine the distinctive legal status of the Jews in the jurisdiction of the Tower of London.