TitleBringing the Outsider In, II: Inclusive and Exclusive Religious Landscapes in High Medieval England
Date/TimeMonday 3 July 2017: 16.30-18.00
SponsorGraduate Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Reading
OrganiserRuth J. Salter, Department of History, University of Reading
Moderator/ChairClaire Trenery, School of History, University of Leeds
Paper 325-a The Creation of Anglo-Norman Sacred Landscapes and Overcoming the 'Other'
(Language: English)
Ross McIntire, Lords of Misrule, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York
Index Terms: Archaeology - Sites; Geography and Settlement Studies; Hagiography
Paper 325-b Cistercians and Their Pilgrims
(Language: English)
Harriet Mahood, Graduate Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Reading
Index Terms: Archaeology - Sites; Ecclesiastical History; Lay Piety; Monasticism
AbstractThe concepts of the 'outsider' and the 'other' are closely tied together and often act as interchangeable when demarcating the 'known' and the 'unknown'. Interaction with that which is considered 'external' and 'other' could result in both a positive and a negative experience, and perhaps nowhere is this more obvious than when considering relationships between the temporal and the spiritual worlds; be that in the physical landscape or within more transcendental relationships between the temporal and the divine. Within this two-part panel, these ideas will be explored from a number of perspectives in order to consider the role of the 'outside' and the 'outsider' within various aspects of medieval religion. In this, the second of the two panels, focus will be on the physical 'outsider' in the sense of inclusion and exclusion in the religious landscape. Our speakers consider various impressions of the 'other': from the post-Conquest creation of a new religious landscape, to the physical barriers put in place to limit lay-religious interaction, and the placing of pilgrims within the sacred sites of late medieval cathedrals.