TitleChristianity in the Islamic World, III: Constructions of Identity in Ritual and Travel
Date/TimeWednesday 5 July 2017: 14.15-15.45
OrganiserKrisztina Szilágyi, Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge
Moderator/ChairDavid Richard Thomas, Department of Theology & Religion, University of Birmingham
Paper 1227-a Iconic Otherness: Christian Icon Veneration as a Stumbling Block in Early 'Abbāsid Society
(Language: English)
Nestor Kavvadas, Seminar für katholische Theologie, Universität Siegen
Index Terms: Islamic and Arabic Studies; Theology
Paper 1227-b The Encounter of Rabban Sauma and Edward I in 1287: Celebrating the Eucharist with the Other
(Language: English)
Steve Cochrane, College of Humanities & International Studies, University of the Nations, Pune, India
Index Terms: Ecclesiastical History; Politics and Diplomacy
Paper 1227-c A Syrian Talking to Others: Paul of Aleppo in Constantinople, Moldavia, Wallachia, Ukraine, and Moscow
(Language: English)
Ioana Feodorov, Institute for South-East European Studies, Romanian Academy, Bucharest
Index Terms: Islamic and Arabic Studies; Language and Literature - Semitic
AbstractThe encounters of the Christians of the Islamic world with others were circumscribed by boundaries of ritual and geography. In this session, Kavvadas considers how icon veneration separated Chalcedonian Christians from Muslims as well as from other Christian communities. The East Syrian monk in Cochrane's paper, perhaps thanks to the years he had spent in the Islamic world, by contrast, was ready to celebrate the Eucharist with a Catholic monarch in Europe. Feodorov's paper investigates a Syrian Christian's attitude towards towards various ethnic groups and belief systems that he encountered in his seven-year journey across Eastern Europe.