TitleReassessing 'Othered' Communities
Date/TimeWednesday 5 July 2017: 11.15-12.45
SponsorCentre for Medieval Studies, Stockholms Universitet
OrganiserGwendolyne Knight, Historiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet
Moderator/ChairKurt Villads Jensen, Historiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet
Paper 1115-a Gens mea impetuosa est: Otherness, Identification, and Their Effect on Warfare in High Medieval Norway
(Language: English)
Hörður Barðdal, Independent Scholar, Wachtebeke
Index Terms: Anthropology; Language and Literature - Scandinavian; Mentalities; Military History
Paper 1115-b Subverting the Grand Narrative: The 'Othered' Church in the Early Medieval Danish Realm Reassessed
(Language: English)
Mads Vedel Heilskov, Carlsberg Foundation, Vejle
Index Terms: Archives and Sources; Ecclesiastical History; Local History; Religious Life
Paper 1115-c Proto-Nationalism and the Christianisation of Gotland
(Language: English)
Luke John Murphy, Department of English, University of Leicester
Index Terms: Language and Literature - Scandinavian; Local History; Pagan Religions; Political Thought
AbstractThis session brings together three papers that probe the status of a particular 'othered' community or the identity formation of a minority group. This focus has a distinct methodological emphasis: all papers engage critically with how knowledge about these communities is created, a significant part of which is a reassessment of current research on these communities. The first paper engages with the Christian Church as an 'othered' community in medieval Denmark; and the second paper examines negotiations of identity in Gotland at the intersection of Christianisation and a nascent national Swedish identity.