TitleNew Perspectives on Rural Settlement, I: Otherness within Settlements
Date/TimeThursday 6 July 2017: 09.00-10.30
SponsorMedieval Settlement Research Group
OrganiserDuncan Berryman, Centre for Community Archaeology, Queen's University Belfast
Moderator/ChairBen Morton, School of History, Classics & Archaeology, Newcastle University
Paper 1519-a Landscapes of Otherness?: Migration, 'Ethnicity', 'Apartheid-Like Structures', and Cultural Difference in the Early Medieval English Landscape, c. 400-800
(Language: English)
Susan Oosthuizen, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge
Index Terms: Archaeology - General; Geography and Settlement Studies
Paper 1519-b A Landscape of Settlement and Power: Understanding the Archaeology of the East-Anglian Fen-Edge
(Language: English)
Duncan Wright, School of Humanities, Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln
Index Terms: Archaeology - General; Geography and Settlement Studies
Paper 1519-c Socio-Economic Changes in the Landscape of Early Medieval Ireland, c. 300-1000
(Language: English)
John Tighe, Department of History, Trinity College Dublin
Index Terms: Archaeology - General; Economics - Rural; Geography and Settlement Studies
AbstractStudies of migrants, refugees, and minorities are common in modern politics and geography. Similar studies can be carried out on medieval settlements, informing us of their social makeup and social cohesion. This session will explore how studies of medieval settlements can illuminate the social relationships within the villages and the position that those on the edges of society occupied within the village.