TitleFood and Medicine in the Mediterranean World: Indigenous and Introduced Species - The High and the Late Middle Ages, II
Date/TimeWednesday 5 July 2017: 11.15-12.45
SponsorInstitute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC / Waldemar Ceran Research Centre for the History & Culture of the Mediterranean Area & South-East Europe Ceraneum, Łódź
OrganiserMaciej Kokoszko, Department of Byzantine History, University of Łódź
Moderator/ChairMaciej Kokoszko, Department of Byzantine History, University of Łódź
Paper 1140-a 'Le suc de la rosée céleste': le miel dans la médecine antique et renaissante
(Language: Français)
Magdalena Koźluk, Department of French Studies, University of Łódź
Index Terms: Daily Life; Language and Literature - Latin; Medicine
Paper 1140-b Drugs, Diet, and Lifestyle in Ioannes Archiatrus, a Vernacular Greek Source
(Language: English)
Barbara Zipser, Department of History, Royal Holloway, University of London
Index Terms: Byzantine Studies; Daily Life; Language and Literature - Greek; Medicine
Paper 1140-c Colchicine in Byzantine Medical Tradition: The Case of Gout's Treatment According to Demetrios Pepagomenos's Treatise Liber de podagra
(Language: English)
Michał Pawlak, Independent Scholar, Łódź
Index Terms: Byzantine Studies; Language and Literature - Greek; Medicine
AbstractThe planned session aims to investigate the interconnections between food and medicine in the Mediterranean World from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages. It will focus on four major lines of inquiry: 1. tracing the interplay between native and introduced botanical species used as
foodstuffs and medicines; 2. the transmission of information; 3. the technologies used to transform raw material into final culinary or medicinal products; 4. the role of culinary and medicinal traditions in the shaping of the European identity. The participants of the session will approach the problem from both the traditional and modern medical perspective, and aim at a transdisciplinary, transcultural, and transperiod approach.