TitleBritish Archaeological Association, I: 'Other' in the Landscape, at Sea, and in the Workshop
Date/TimeTuesday 4 July 2017: 14.15-15.45
SponsorBritish Archaeological Association
OrganiserHarriet Mahood, Graduate Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Reading
Moderator/ChairJenny Alexander, Department of the History of Art, University of Warwick
Paper 717-a Line, Space, Ritual, and Anglo-Saxon Identity
(Language: English)
Anastasia Moskvina, Department of Art History & World Art Studies, University of East Anglia
Index Terms: Archaeology - General; Archaeology - Sites; Mentalities; Politics and Diplomacy
Paper 717-b Medieval Nordic Shipbuilding Technology: The Otherness of Craftsmanship
(Language: English)
Morten Ravn, Vikingeskibsmuseet, Roskilde
Index Terms: Archaeology - General; Maritime and Naval Studies; Technology
Paper 717-c Outsiders, Outside London: Foreign Building Craftsmen in the Early Tudor Period
(Language: English)
Charlotte Stanford, Department of Comparative Arts & Letters, Brigham Young University, Utah
Index Terms: Archaeology - General; Architecture - General; Archives and Sources; Local History
AbstractThis sessions examines the concept of other in relation to buildings beginning with an analysis of the alignment of Anglo-Saxon architecture and how this related to their attempts to overcome the 'otherness' of the English landscape and history. The difference between Slavic and Nordic shipbuilding traditions is next, considering whether these two traditions really were as 'other' from each other as they have previously been said to be. This session then finishes with the role of foreign craftsmen in 1530s London. Exploring the anti-'other' sentiment of the city, coupled with the desire of the elite for foreign designs and skills.