TitleHow Medievalists Can Engage a Wider Audience: A Workshop
Date/TimeFriday 7 July 2017: 09.30-12.30
OrganiserPeter Konieczny,
SpeakerPeter Konieczny,
AbstractScholars in the field of medieval studies learn how to write dissertations and journal articles but what about writing for websites and magazines? What are the differences in style and content? How does one tell the stories of the Middle Ages to an audience that is not as familiar with the history as your colleagues and get them to understand and be engaged with the past? This workshop will offer ideas on how to write for a wider audience. Among the activities this workshop will conduct is how to write headlines and lead paragraphs, as well as brainstorming about how one can turn their academic research into articles that are more widely accessible.

Peter Konieczny was a librarian at the University of Toronto before becoming part-owner of He has been developing websites for 15 years and is based in Toronto. Peter has extensive experience in web design, blogging, social media, and the use of digital media to support the dissemination of scholarship to wide-ranging audiences. In 2016 he also became the editor of Medieval Warfare magazine.

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