TitleInheritance, Intercession, and Imagination: Crossing the Border between Life and Death, I - Inheritance
Date/TimeThursday 7 July 2022: 09.00-10.30
OrganiserEmbla Aae, Institutt for arkeologi, historie, kultur- og religionsvitenskap, Universitetet i Bergen
Moderator/ChairScott Harrower, Department of History, Ethics & Theology, Ridley College, Victoria
Paper 1531-a Illegal or Irrevocable Donation?: The Case of a 14th-Century Testamentary Dispute
(Language: English)
Tonje H. Waldersnes, Institutt for lingvistiske, litterære og estetiske studier, Universitetet i Bergen
Index Terms: Charters and Diplomatics; Language and Literature - Scandinavian; Religious Life
Paper 1531-b The Crossing of the Red Sea Sarcophagi: Moses, Death, and Intercession
(Language: English)
Alexis Gorby, School of Archaeology / St John's College, University of Oxford
Index Terms: Archaeology - Artefacts; Liturgy; Religious Life
Paper 1531-c The Materiality of Charity and Salvation in Late Medieval Douai
(Language: English)
Mary Anne Gonzales, Student Success Office, University of Waterloo, Ontario
Index Terms: Lay Piety; Religious Life; Social History
AbstractThis session forms a coherent whole together with Session II: Intercession and Session III: Imagination. All three sessions focus on how the living sought to negotiate the intersection between life and death throughout the Middle Ages. Through these sessions, we aim to further a comparative understanding of conceptions of the afterlife within the coherence and diversity of the medieval Church. The theme of Session I is inheritance. It contains papers that consider inheritance and donations made in preparation for death, both through examinations of wills and documents and through consideration of material sources.