TitleThe Plantagenet Dominions in the Early 14th Century
Date/TimeTuesday 5 July 2022: 11.15-12.45
SponsorSociety for 14th-Century Studies
OrganiserLaura Tompkins, Historic Royal Palaces, London
Moderator/ChairDavid Green, Centre for British Studies, Harlaxton College, University of Evansville
Paper 620-a Women on the Edge: The de Clare Sisters and the Marches of Wales, c. 1307-1333
(Language: English)
Rhiannon Cox, Department of History, University of Bristol
Index Terms: Administration; Politics and Diplomacy; Women's Studies
Paper 620-b A Bastion of the Plantagenet Realm: The Channel Islands and the Kings of England, 1328-1341
(Language: English)
Alexander Kelleher, Department of History, Trinity College Dublin
Index Terms: Administration; Law; Local History; Military History
AbstractThis session provides a range of perspectives on those Plantagenet estates often viewed as lying on the fringes of the royal demesne in the early 14th century. These considerations of military recruitment, trans-regional landholding, and the administration of territories emphasise that such border regions were, in reality, far from 'peripheral'. Through evidence regarding conditions, attitudes and practices in Gascony, Wales and the Marches, and the Channel Islands they also offer new perspectives on issues such as the 'military revolution', frontier societies, and the notion of a later medieval 'Plantagenet empire'.