TitleTranscending and Constructing Religious Spaces: Pilgrimage in Medieval Japan and Europe
Date/TimeMonday 4 July 2022: 16.30-18.00
SponsorProject 'Religious Movements & Communication: Medium, Worldview & Social Integration' / Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
OrganiserToshio Ohnuki, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Moderator/ChairToshio Ohnuki, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Paper 318-a Image-Building on Kumano Pilgrimage in Medieval Japan: Origin, History, and Geography
(Language: English)
Tsuyoshi Kawasaki, Department of Culture & Expression, Shujitsu University, Okayama
Index Terms: Historiography - Medieval; Religious Life
Paper 318-b Building a Centre of Pilgrimage: St Elisabethkirche in Marburg and Indulgence in 13th-Century Germany
(Language: English)
Asami Miura, Institute of Cultural Science, Chuo University, Tokyo
Index Terms: Hagiography; Religious Life
Paper 318-c Dominican and Franciscan Art for the Sake of Jubilee Years in Late 15th-Century Rome
(Language: English)
Fumika Araki, Department of Foreign Languages & Liberal Arts, Keio University, Tokyo
Index Terms: Art History - Painting; Religious Life
AbstractThis session aims to deepen our understanding of the process of the formation of pilgrimage sites and routes by comparing historical traditions and iconography originating in medieval Japan and Europe. The session will consist of three papers; the first on the three-mountain complex of Kumano in medieval Japan - now a World Heritage Site; the second on the rise of the veneration of St Elisabeth and the development of a pilgrimage site in 13th-century Germany; the third is related to some art works concerned with Franciscan and Dominican orders for the benefit of Jubilee Years in late 15th-century Rome and reveals that these mendicant orders had been keeping a close eye on each other's artistic movements.