TitleArms, Armour, and the Arts of Combat, I: The Stuff of War
Date/TimeTuesday 5 July 2022: 09.00-10.30
SponsorInstitute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds
OrganiserJacob H. Deacon, Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds
Moderator/ChairKaren Watts, Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds
Paper 542-a Trial by Combat in the Crown of Aragon in the 12th-13th Centuries
(Language: English)
Cornel-Peter Rodenbusch, Independent Scholar, Barcelona
Index Terms: Law; Mentalities; Military History
Paper 542-b A Typology of Shields: Targes and Pavises
(Language: English)
Camille Berthelon, Independent Scholar, Paris
Index Terms: Archaeology - Artefacts; Military History; Technology
Paper 542-c Of Knyghthode and Bataile and the Origin and Diffusion of English Gunpowder Artillery
(Language: English)
Kelly DeVries, Department of History, Loyola University Maryland
Michael Livingston, Department of English, The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina
Index Terms: Military History; Technology
AbstractThis session focuses on the production, typology, and use of medieval arms and armour. Cornel-Peter Rodenbusch will first discuss the evolution of trial by combat in the 12th- and 13th-century Crown of Aragon, with a particular focus on the preservation of local customs as the Crown's borders expanded. Camille Berthelon will then discuss shields that are carried or attached to armour for different combats, both on horseback and on foot. By a study of the construction of extant examples, a typological grouping, and a new terminology can be suggested. Kelly DeVries and Michael Livingston will use a neglected poetic translation of Vegetius to highlight the diffusion of various gunpowder weapons in mid 15th-century England.