A Scandinavian Sonderweg?, II: Warfare [Session No: 207]
Affect, Action, Effect, Reaction: Gender and Emotions in the Cultural Climates of the Medieval World [Session No: 224]
Arthurian Literature in Middle English [Session No: 202]
Boundaries (Re-)Defined, Boundaries (Re-)Interpreted, II [Session No: 225]
Byzantine Alchemy between Art and Science [Session No: 217]
Changing Climates in Later Medieval Iceland, I [Session No: 211]
Climates of Fear, I: Illness, Impairment, and Healing [Session No: 216]
Crusades and Nature, I [Session No: 215]
Frontiers of Late Antiquity, I: The Frontiers of Roman and Barbarian Identity [Session No: 226]
In Search of the Apocalypse: New Research on Prester John, Prophecy, and Exploration [Session No: 222]
Interpreting the Political Climate, II: Justifying Authority through Political Language [Session No: 210]
It's a Queer Time: Trespassing the Boundaries of Chrononormativity, II - Trans-Figurations [Session No: 205]
Living in the Carolingian World, I: Intersections between Popular and Elite [Session No: 218]
Nasty Weather in a Nutshell: The Function and Handling of Bad Weather in Pre-Modern Short Epics [Session No: 212]
Proprietary Memories: Notitiae-Inventories in Early Medieval Iberia, II - Inventories and Serfs [Session No: 203]
Rituals and Representations of Rulership: On Expressions of Female and Male Power and Authority in 15th-Century Sweden [Session No: 209]
Strategy in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Crusades [Session No: 204]
Student-Centred Learning in Medieval Courses [Session No: 221]
Terminological Tensions: Reconsidering Key Categories of Late Antique and Early Medieval Research, I [Session No: 206]
'The Heat Is On', II: Visible or Invisible? - Uncovering Royal Sexualities [Session No: 219]
The Lost Latin Historiography of Late Antiquity [Session No: 223]
The Materiality of Noble Power, I: Military Matters [Session No: 220]
Urban Architecture and Its Development [Session No: 201]
Venturing into Foreign Climates: Latin-Christian, Arabo-Islamic, and Song-Chinese Descriptions of Climate during the Second Half of the 'Global Middle Ages' [Session No: 213]
Weather Saints, I: Territories and Communities [Session No: 214]
Women and Wills in Late Medieval Britain, I [Session No: 208]