Anarchist Approaches to the Middle Ages, II: Rethinking Religion and Resistance [Session No: 1602]
Arms, Armour, and the Arts of Combat, IV: Tournaments and War [Session No: 1620]
Between Byzantium and Sasanian Persia, II: The Climate of Leadership between Ērānshahr and the Eastern Roman Empire [Session No: 1601]
British Archaeological Association, II: Climate and the End of the World in Beatus's Manuscripts and the Osteological Record [Session No: 1614]
Changing Climates, The Preternatural, I: Physical and Literary Climates of the Preternatural [Session No: 1615]
Climate Dimensions: The Simultaneous Presence of Concrete and Metaphorical Meanings of Climate in (Medieval) Fiction [Session No: 1612]
Critical Studies in Old English Masculinities, II: Saintly Masculinities [Session No: 1608]
Crossing Urban Legal Boundaries in Northern Europe, III: The Town and Beyond in Scotland [Session No: 1624]
Editing Medieval Records: History, Challenges, and Approaches [Session No: 1617]
England and Scotland at Peace and War in the Later Middle Ages, III [Session No: 1609]
Erasure in Late Antiquity, II: Erasure, Law, and the Late Roman Court [Session No: 1619]
Frontiers and Colonialism in Medieval Iberian Societies, II: 13th-16th Centuries [Session No: 1603]
Illness as Metaphor in the Middle Ages, II [Session No: 1606]
Lexical Borrowing in the Medieval North Sea Region [Session No: 1607]
Medieval Papacy, c. 500-1500, IV: Prophecy, Exemplars, and Sainthood [Session No: 1618]
Nature or Nurture?: Creating and Contesting Political Climates in Medieval Europe [Session No: 1610]
Policy and Climate in Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages [Session No: 1611]
Practical Equestrianisms in the Middle Ages [Session No: 1616]
Religion and Belief in Early Medieval North Africa [Session No: 1621]
Representations of Temperate / Intemperate Emotions in Visual Art and Literature, II: Fear and Anger [Session No: 1613]
Uses and Interpretations of the Bible [Session No: 1622]