Between Byzantium and Sasanian Persia, III: Reconstructing the Other - The Climate of Persia and Its Neighbours [Session No: 1701]
Bishops Pushing the Borders [Session No: 1718]
Changing Climates, The Preternatural, II: Negotiating the Supernatural - Changing Intellectual Climates in Late Medieval England [Session No: 1715]
Changing Winds and Great Storms: The Dynamics of Speech Communities and Forms of Their Linguistic Self-Expression in the Eastern Mediterranean, 324-1204, I - Linguistic Engineering in Late Antiquity: The Case of Coptic [Session No: 1703]
Come Rain or Rhyme: Weather in Medieval Literature [Session No: 1712]
Creative Histories, I: Sensory Approaches to Medieval History [Session No: 1705]
Critical Studies in Old English Masculinities, III: Emotional Masculinities [Session No: 1708]
Crusading on the Baltic and the Balkan Fronts [Session No: 1704]
Cultural Climates of Performance: Performance Practice as Research Studies [Session No: 1726]
Drawing the Animal into the Medieval Book: The Non-Human Displaced [Session No: 1716]
Erasure in Late Antiquity, III: Erasing the Dead [Session No: 1719]
Flavius Josephus in the Middle Ages [Session No: 1707]
J. R. R. Tolkien: Medieval Roots and Modern Branches [Session No: 1721]
Late Antique Frontiers, I: Authors and Texts [Session No: 1709]
Managing Manors, Boroughs, and Villages in Medieval England [Session No: 1711]
Marriage in Medieval Theology around 1300 [Session No: 1722]
Medieval War and Memory, I: Early Memories of War in Europe [Session No: 1720]
New Voices on Early Medieval England, I [Session No: 1702]
Pastoral Power from Augustine to Louis the Pious [Session No: 1717]
Representations of Temperate / Intemperate Emotions in Visual Art and Literature, III: Virtues and Vices [Session No: 1713]
Sessions in Honour of Stephen D. White, III: Medieval Violence [Session No: 1706]
Shifting Climates: Ireland, Britain, and the Continent, 600-900 [Session No: 1714]
Status, Rank, or Office?: Social Boundaries in England, 900-1100, II - Minor Officials [Session No: 1710]
The Many Beckets, I: Power and Gender [Session No: 1723]
The Wooing Group and Its Descendants: A Session in Memory of Catherine Innes-Parker [Session No: 1724]
Unnatural and Non-Human Bodies [Session No: 1725]