Aesthetic Categories and the Boundaries of Art in the Middle Ages: A Round Table Discussion [Session No: 912]
Architectural Sculpture as Cultural Informant [Session No: 1301]
Beyond the Borders of Time: Medieval Art from an Early Modern Perspective [Session No: 1312]
Borderland Architecture as the Site of Cultural Exchange [Session No: 122]
Borders and Textiles: Iconographic Meanings and Realities of Eastern Textiles and Clothing in the Middle Ages [Session No: 811]
Borders of Sound, III: Aural Experiences of Ritual [Session No: 1718]
Boundaries between Life and Death in the North Adriatic [Session No: 631]
Breaking the Boundary: Forces and Counter-Forces in Medieval Italian Art [Session No: 1112]
British Archaeological Association, II: Borders of Definition [Session No: 211]
British Archaeological Association, III: Borders of Meaning [Session No: 311]
Conflict and Integration: Crossing Medieval Borders, I - Permeable Borders [Session No: 515]
Crossing Borders and More [Session No: 814]
Design at the Border: Liminality in Medieval and Postmodern Contexts [Session No: 1238]
Doors, Screens, and Stalls: Liminal Spaces in the Medieval Church [Session No: 514]
Emotions on the Fringes, III: Artistic Expression of Emotions [Session No: 702]
Emotions on the Fringes, IV: Religious Representation and Rites of Passage [Session No: 802]
Encounters beyond the Border Zones: Material and Cultural Practices across the Frontier of the Long Middle Ages, 8th-15th Centuries [Session No: 1512]
Fieldwork and Analysis: Ongoing work of the Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland [Session No: 701]
From Majorca to Italy: Domestic Images that Transcend Borders [Session No: 1212]
From the Border to the Table: Peripheral Manuscript Elements and Their Uses [Session No: 1012]
Limits of Time, Space, and Meaning: Borders and Transgression in the Medieval Art [Session No: 612]
Making Meaning through Religious Painting and Ecclesiastical Interiors [Session No: 112]
Medieval Coins and Seals: Ideas of Identity and Power - Iconography and Representation [Session No: 1202]
Medieval Sacred Spaces, I: Theories [Session No: 1229]
Metaimages, I: Threshold Effects and Micro-Architectures [Session No: 212]
Metaimages, II: Beyond the Frame of the Enshrined Icon [Session No: 312]
Mourning and Remembrance, I: Tombs and Epitaphs [Session No: 1503]
Murals and Banners Crossing Borders in Medieval Drama [Session No: 218]
Painting and Pedigree: Portraits and Heraldry in Later Medieval Europe [Session No: 1726]
Patrons and Politics in Architectural History [Session No: 1101]
Physical and Spiritual Borders within Buildings [Session No: 1712]
Rethinking 'Texts' on Textiles and Tapestries [Session No: 641]
Reusing and Showing: Boundaries between Re-Employment and Collecting of Medieval Sculpture during the Modern Age, 15th-18th Centuries [Session No: 1733]
Salvaging Crete: Preserving the Legacy of the Artist Ioannis Pagomenos [Session No: 1612]
Spiritual Space and Physical Place: Defining and Transcending Boundaries in the Medieval World [Session No: 512]
The Baltic and Iberian Crusades: Visual Propaganda in the Borderlands [Session No: 1123]
The Body in Medieval Art, I [Session No: 201]
The Body in Medieval Art, II [Session No: 301]
The Borders of Heaven and Earth [Session No: 812]
The Byzantine Virgin Mary beyond Byzantium in the 14th and 15th Centuries [Session No: 801]
The Rich Lives of Medieval Rings [Session No: 1302]
The Symbolic Language of Animals in Art and Text [Session No: 101]
Transcending and Constructing Religious Spaces: Pilgrimage in Medieval Japan and Europe [Session No: 318]
Visual Exegesis across Boundaries [Session No: 712]