Borders and the Formation of Tribal Societies in Roman, Arabic, and Ottoman North Africa, 1st-16th Centuries [Session No: 1130]
Borders between Muslims and Christians [Session No: 723]
Borders in Medieval Islam, I: Social Boundaries in the Islamic West [Session No: 1223]
Borders in Medieval Islam, II: The Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean [Session No: 1323]
Conflict and Integration: Crossing Medieval Borders, III - Religious and Intellectual Borders [Session No: 715]
Conquest and Cultural Change in Border Areas: Islamic Burial Patterns in the Iberian Peninsula in the High Middle Ages [Session No: 123]
Constructing Borders: Emphasising Difference in the Medieval Islamic West [Session No: 223]
Crossing Medieval Borders: Multicultural and Contested Spaces, I - Contested Sites at the Nexus of Dynamic Border Zones [Session No: 1015]
Crossing Medieval Borders: Multicultural and Contested Spaces, II - Navigating the Multiculturalism of Borders [Session No: 1115]
Crossing Religious Borders: Conversion, Syncretism, and Apostasy in the Medieval Period [Session No: 1335]
Early Medieval Societies on the Edges: From Britain to the Iberian Peninsula and Beyond, II [Session No: 1322]
Fringe Expertise?: Occult Practices and Authority in Pre-Modern Eurasia, I - Practice and Context [Session No: 530]
Fringe Expertise?: Occult Practices and Authority in Pre-Modern Eurasia, II - Narration and Representation [Session No: 630]
Frontier Relationships in Outremer [Session No: 1023]
Interactions across Borders in the Late Antique, Early Medieval, and Byzantine World, I: Byzantine / Christian Interactions with the Muslim World [Session No: 113]
Military Borders of Castile: Granada and Portugal [Session No: 1327]
Moving Saints, II: Transmitting and Re-Negotiating Saint Veneration in Religious Contact Zones [Session No: 1629]
Negotiating Iberian Borderlands, I: Common Themes, Uncommon Borders [Session No: 1535]
Negotiating Iberian Borderlands, II: Ethnic and Religious Boundaries in Iberian Cities [Session No: 1635]
Nicholas of Cusa, II: Peace and Politics in the Cusan Tradition [Session No: 1639]
Rethinking the Medieval Frontier, II: Making (Up) the Frontier [Session No: 315]
Self and Other on the Frontier [Session No: 1538]
The Fluid Boundary between Christianity and Islam [Session No: 823]
Transitions on an Islamic Frontier in Southwestern Iberia, 12th-13th Centuries [Session No: 323]
Translation and Transmission through the Medieval Spanish Kingdoms [Session No: 636]
Traversing the Language Border: Cross-Communal Exchange between Jews, Muslims, and Christians [Session No: 1226]