Bordering Adulthood: Adolescence and Youth in Times of Change, I [Session No: 137]
Borders of Sound, I: Aural Experiences of Otherness [Session No: 1518]
Cologne's Medieval Jewish Quarter, I: Daily Life, Topography, and Archaeological Findings [Session No: 109]
Cologne's Medieval Jewish Quarter, II: Daily Life and Written Sources [Session No: 209]
Conflict and Integration: Crossing Medieval Borders, III - Religious and Intellectual Borders [Session No: 715]
Constructing Borders between Christians and Jews [Session No: 624]
Hebrew Manuscripts and Their Margins, I: Paratext and Ornament in Iberia [Session No: 1124]
Hebrew Manuscripts and Their Margins, II: Cultural Encounters in the Margins [Session No: 1324]
Information and Trust between Jews and Christians [Session No: 309]
Invisible and Imaginary Barriers and Their Crossing: Cases of Scholars, Merchants, and Women in Medieval Europe, II [Session No: 1615]
Jewish Life at the Fringe: Individuals and Communities in the Border Regions of Europe [Session No: 724]
Jewish Life on and across Borders [Session No: 824]
Mappings, III: Mental Borders on Maps - Human Difference, Sanctity, and Salvific Energy [Session No: 734]
Negotiating Iberian Borderlands, II: Ethnic and Religious Boundaries in Iberian Cities [Session No: 1635]
Nicholas of Lyra in the Age of Wyclif and Hus: New Perspectives on the Commentaries [Session No: 839]
On the Borders of Jewish Identity: Cultural Encounters between Christians and the Betä Ǝsra'el (Ethiopian Jews) [Session No: 524]
Social Bonds, Kinship, and Networks: Studies from Medieval People [Session No: 105]
Southern France and the Mediterranean, I: Faith and Locality [Session No: 1536]
Spiritual Space and Physical Place: Defining and Transcending Boundaries in the Medieval World [Session No: 512]
The Body in Medieval Art, II [Session No: 301]
Translation and Transmission through the Medieval Spanish Kingdoms [Session No: 636]
Traversing the Language Border: Cross-Communal Exchange between Jews, Muslims, and Christians [Session No: 1226]
Unsettled Boundaries: Jews, Christians, and the Messiness of Purity, I [Session No: 1624]
Unsettled Boundaries: Jews, Christians, and the Messiness of Purity, II [Session No: 1724]