Beyond Translation: Early Modern European Adaptations of Sebastian Brant's Ship of Fools [Session No: 819]
Border Crossings in the Hispanic World [Session No: 1004]
Borderless Sainthood in Medieval Nordic Hagiography, II: Sources [Session No: 1129]
Borders and Bodies in Early Medieval Riddles and Beyond [Session No: 806]
Borders in / and Multi-Text Manuscripts, I: Producing Boundaries [Session No: 1211]
Borders in/and Multi-Text Manuscripts, II: Negotiating and Transgressing Boundaries [Session No: 1311]
Borders of Form, Land, People, and Water in Old English and Anglo-Latin Literature [Session No: 1619]
Borders of Human Nature, Boundaries of the Imagination [Session No: 1309]
Borders, Worlds, Systems: Commercial and Literary Exchange in 15th-Century England [Session No: 1626]
Breaking the Boundary: Forces and Counter-Forces in Medieval Italian Art [Session No: 1112]
Comparative Studies of Medieval England and Iceland, II: Literature [Session No: 1135]
Conflict and Integration: Crossing Medieval Borders, IV - Geographical Borders, the Medieval British Isles, and the 'Other' [Session No: 815]
Conflicts on Medieval Atlantic Borders: The Castilian Experience [Session No: 730]
Corpus or Corpus?: Exhuming Bodies from Texts and Texts from Exhumed Bodies [Session No: 1001]
Crossing Borders and More [Session No: 814]
Crossing Borders in Medieval Times: Comparative Approaches to Pilgrimage Practices in the Christian, Islamic, and Buddhist Traditions [Session No: 526]
Crossing Boundaries and Building Identities in Dante's Works, III [Session No: 721]
Demarcating Narratives: Old Icelandic Literature and the Construction of European Cultural and Political Identities [Session No: 1122]
Design at the Border: Liminality in Medieval and Postmodern Contexts [Session No: 1238]
Exploring New Territories in Education: The Challenge of Teaching the Middle Ages 500 Years Later [Session No: 741]
Family, Orientation, Transgression, and Crossing Borders of Middle-Earth  [Session No: 1133]
Fluid Borders in the Late Medieval Adriatic: Mobility, Trade, and Social Interaction in a Shared Maritime Space, 14th-15th Centuries [Session No: 326]
From Majorca to Italy: Domestic Images that Transcend Borders [Session No: 1212]
Information and Trust between Jews and Christians [Session No: 309]
Legal Boundaries [Session No: 324]
Limits of Time, Space, and Meaning: Borders and Transgression in the Medieval Art [Session No: 612]
Lines in the Sand: Ecotones and Polity in Medieval Literature [Session No: 317]
Mothers, Motherhood, and Borders in the Medieval World, II: Constructing Mothers throughout Christendom [Session No: 1632]
Moving Byzantium, I: Layers, Institutions, and Terminologies of Mobility in the Medieval Roman Empire [Session No: 513]
Moving Byzantium, II: Beyond the Borders of Byzantium - New Rome and Its Near and Far East [Session No: 613]
Moving into Late Antique Rome [Session No: 125]
Orders at Borders: Mendicants and Border Societies in Medieval Europe [Session No: 328]
Portuguese Convent Culture in the 15th-16th Centuries: New Perspectives [Session No: 240]
Queenship, Agency, and Power [Session No: 517]
Selves, Communities, Others: Borders and Boundaries in Early Medieval Religious Texts [Session No: 706]
Social Bonds, Kinship, and Networks: Studies from Medieval People [Session No: 105]
Teacher, Traveler, Politician, and Midwife: The Many Roles of Medieval Women [Session No: 1606]
Temporal Borders in Middle English Literature [Session No: 1019]
Textual Borders: Selection, Appropriation and Re-Writing in the Medieval Hispanic Area [Session No: 1218]
The Body in Medieval Art, I [Session No: 201]
The Frontier in Medieval Iberia: Conflicts and Promotions [Session No: 536]
The Many Borders of Medieval English Elites [Session No: 1138]
The March of Wales, I [Session No: 527]
The March of Wales, II [Session No: 627]
The Middle Ages in Modern Games, II: Moral Boundaries [Session No: 633]
The Twilight Zone: Negotiating the Liminal in the Early Medieval Imagination [Session No: 1026]
Transitions on an Islamic Frontier in Southwestern Iberia, 12th-13th Centuries [Session No: 323]
Unsettled Boundaries: Jews, Christians, and the Messiness of Purity, I [Session No: 1624]
Visual Exegesis across Boundaries [Session No: 712]